Video advertising: A popular and easy way to promote your brand

Video advertising: A popular and easy way to promote your brand


Pushpa Srivastava

Pushpa Srivastava

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Background: Many businesses, both large and small, are embracing video advertising to market their brand. Video sharing service Youtube is the second most popular site on the internet (the first being Google) and this attests to the growing demand for video content. Pushpa Srivastava sheds more light on video advertising. 


Online branding has become a key feature in advertising today. If you don’t have online ads, then you may lag behind your competitors in sales. Videos are the most popular medium available on the internet for any type of promotions and are the easiest and quickest way to make sure that your brand makes a mark.

Pull and push video advertising

‘Pull’ and ‘push’ are marketing terms that indicate how customers are approached by the brand.

Pull marketing implies that you draw consumers towards your products – thereby creating loyal customers or followers. Pull videos include profile stories, product walkthroughs, FAQ videos etc.

The main aim of push advertising is to invade the head space of the consumer by pushing a message. Essentially, you interrupt a consumer with an advertisement and the challenge is to make this interruption engaging (not annoying!) and capture their interest.

Push video strategy can be used effectively on your own website or other platforms like Youtube and Facebook. When it comes to push video marketing, many of the new small-scale companies lack enough knowledge about it and therefore fail to leverage this vital marketing tool.

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Commercial and corporate videos

There’s a difference between commercial videos and corporate videos. Usually, commercial videos are for small or medium scale industries, where you focus on one product that you produce. On the other hand, corporate videos represent a whole company or business.

Commercial videos help to reach out your products to new customers. They are similar to the movie films that you see in theatres, except you target here only ‘web-oriented’ audience than the whole range of customers.

Corporate videos are like introductory videos to your business. They are more professional as in you educate audience about your business and guide them about its usage instead of just saying their features. Commercial videos are much cheaper than corporate videos. But corporate videos have wider ambit to display your business.

Various commercial production companies help you to make your video advertisements. They do the production, concept making and some of them even offers pre-production services. They help your ads to be broadcasted on popular online networks like Youtube and others. They show your ads when users are streaming videos and their focus drops on your ad instantly.

So, it depends on the business that you are in, what kind of audience you want to target and where they need to be shown. But both have their advantages at their own levels.

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