A well written job description indicates a well designed organisation

A well written job description indicates a well designed organisation

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Geet Jalota

Geet Jalota

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A properly written job description is indicative of a well designed organisation. If I was to compare HR Architecture to a building, then the organisation structure would be the columns, the department hierarchy would be the floors and the Job Description (JD) would be the rooms. This it is the JD which determines how comfortable the house is. 

Designing the structure is essential because it gives strength to the building while the JD gives clarity and comfiness to the job holder. It gives clarity to every person who has anything to do with the job description - department head, hiring manager, compensation and benefits manager, administration and the training manager. Though it’s most frequent use is in hiring, without a properly written job description, it is not possible to assess which candidate is the “right fit”. 

A CV can only tell you what the candidate wants to tell you while the JD becomes the bases for assessing the candidate's suitability for the job. All interview questions flow out of the JD items. Once the newcomer joins, it helps department head to explain to new joinee, what is expected off him / her. To the compensation and benefits manager it helps them decide salary and other emoluments, and compare it’s relative worth in the organisation. 

A thoughtfully prepared job description puts in black and white, 

  • Educational qualifications, skills and technical and behavioural competencies required to do the job
  • Key accountabilities, goals and tasks to accomplish those activities  


Jobs sometimes become redundant. They may need to be revised or enhanced. This can happen with changing technology, process or resources. A properly written job description makes it possible to communicate these changes, benchmark jobs against competitors. This exercise is carried to understand industry practice and assess whether you are over compensating the job holder to do a certain job or not utilising him/her. 

Why spend more on designing office furniture and nil on designing architecture which is necessary to deliver business results. 

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