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Rakshit Khandelwal

CEO at protonshub technologies

Mountain View Acres, United States

CEO of Protonshub Technologies

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protonshub technologies

Mountain View Acres, United States

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Creating New Dimensions

Business Requirements

Protonshub is the largest custom web & mobile app development company in Indore and US incorporated initially with the idea to attract good resources. It all boils down to implementing our positive approach from 10 people to develop a team base of 150+ employees. We are fueled by protons and believe in being the best than good web and app developers. Hire the professional talent at our largest software company Protonshub, who are expertise in various current-day technologies you count upon. We’ve proven success-oriented case scenarios in technologies like: iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, Python/Django/Flask, ReactJS, AngularJS, Node.js, ReactNative/Flutter, and DotNet, etc. Protonshub, we are equipped with talented resources to offer innovative custom software development and web application development services based on different industries like healthcare, manufacturing, banking, finance, professional services, and more. We follow every tech trend right from Big Data to Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence to assure you the quality solutions at each stage of your operations. “Protonshub wants you to consider that best of the best is yet to come.”

Welcome to protonshub technologies, a leading provider in the Computer Peripherals & IT / IT Solutions & Services industry.  We are located in Mountain View Acres and have been serving in United States for over 5 years . Our team is made up of 101 - 300 dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Thank you for considering protonshub technologies and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Year of Establishment

February 2018

Nature of Business

Service Provider / Professional Services

No. of Employees

101 - 300 People

Annual Turnover Less than $50,000

Industry Computer Peripherals & IT > IT Solutions & Services

Location(s) Mountain View Acres (United States) |

Awards and Recognitions

CMMI Level 5 Certified

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Rakshit Khandelwal




Primary My Location

Head-office/Primary office

United States, Mountain View Acres California 94040

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About Computer Peripherals & IT

Computer Peripherals & IT: Overview Computer peripherals include all the computer input, output, and storage devices. Computer peripheral input devices include keyboards, mice, image scanners, and webcams, among others. Computer peripheral output devices primarily include printers, speakers and headphones. Further, computer peripheral storage devices comprise hard drives, sold state drives (SSD), compact discs, digital video discs (DVD), and USB flash drives.  The information technology (IT) market consists of sales of information technology services and goods by persons or organisations that apply computers, computer peripherals and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve...

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    IT infrastructure and network management services

Rakshit Khandelwal

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