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Maya Abraham

Digital Marketing Manager at The Earth Reserve

Bengaluru, India

We are supplying SEarthy Blends hampoo and lavender shampoo to Manufacturer. Invite me to connect

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The Earth Reserve

Bengaluru, India


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We are engaged into manufacturing of natural beauty products & personal skin care, Gourmet.

The Earth Reserve is a project committed to Nature: enhancing it, sharing it and treasuring it! At The Earth Reserve, we work enthusiastically to find a solution to one of the biggest problems we face today – Products containing various synthetic chemical additives! The Earth Reserve is a premium collection of homemade and handmade products that are all natural, traditionally inspired and wholesome. The entire collection is free of artificial colours, artificial flavours, synthetic preservatives and flavour enhancers. Free of chemical additives, The Earth Reserve collection will always strive to maintain its natural purity and goodness which is inspired by traditional recipes and which uses local ingredients, making it truly rare! Made by experienced and expert home makers and artisans, the Earth Reserve collection is graced with a passion for creating unique masterpieces, as well as care for the environment and the human person.

Incorporation Type

Private Limited Company

Year of Establishment

July 2019

Nature of Business

Manufacturer / Trader

No. of Employees

1 - 10 People

Industry Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care > Personal Care & Hygiene

Location(s) Bengaluru (India) |

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Maya Abraham

Digital Marketing Manager



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Bengaluru Karnataka

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Maya Abraham

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