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Chandan Prasad

Supply Chain Manager at Subhag HealthTech Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru, India

Chandan Prasad is an Additive Manufacturing Consultant. He had worked as a Design engineer in the Additive manufacturing industry (Also known as 3D printing or FDM), where he used to manage stuff from design to the final product. Currently Engaged as a Supply Chain Manager, where he plays a vital role to deal with vendors and bring him into the Subhag IUI Platform to provide their services.

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  • Subhag V Conceive Home Insemination KIT


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    Home Insemination Kit

    Business Requirements

    SUBHAG means extreme luck. We are a medical device engineering company. We believe that having a child is a right of any couple who like to enjoy parenthood. The financial condition should not become a road blocker to their dreams. So, we have engineered the problem and our research has provided us with a home device for IUI. We want to eliminate the huge cost of performing artificial insemination in the course of infertility treatment. We have invented the method by which childless couples can perform the IUI (intrauterine insemination) in the privacy of their home. Yes! you have read it right. Our kit is capable of washing the ***** and depositing them in the ******. The device is intelligent enough to locate the ****** hole. To take on the aforementioned problem we have teamed up with doctors, engineers, and scientists from Germany, USA, and India making a total team industry experience of more than 90 years.

    Welcome to Subhag HealthTech Pvt Ltd, a leading provider in the Healthcare, Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals / Health Care Products industry.  We are located in Bengaluru and have been serving in India for over 5 years . Our team is made up of 11 - 30 dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. Thank you for considering Subhag HealthTech Pvt Ltd and we hope to hear from you soon.

    Subhag HealthTech Pvt Ltd is verified on GlobalLinker If you are a business owner, you can register and connect with Subhag HealthTech Pvt Ltd and other business owners in the Healthcare, Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals industry on GlobalLinker.

    Incorporation Type

    Private Limited Company

    Year of Establishment

    January 2018

    Nature of Business

    Manufacturer / Trader / Brand Owner / Importer

    No. of Employees

    11 - 30 People

    Annual Turnover ₹25 lac - ₹1 crore

    Industry Healthcare, Medical Supplies & Pharmaceuticals > Health Care Products

    Location(s) Bengaluru (India) |

    Licenses and Certifications

    Quality Certification

    ISO 13485:2016

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    Key Contacts

    Chandan Prasad

    Supply Chain Manager



    Primary My Location

    Head-office/Primary office

    A007 Mantri Webcity Near South Asian Bible College, K Naraynpura
    Bengaluru Karnataka 560077

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    Chandan Prasad

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