AceCone Ceramics Pvt Ltd

Bikaner, India

Metals, Minerals & Resources > Non-metallic Minerals & Products

materials expertise,ceramics consultancy,ceramics processing

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AceCone offers our clients ceramics services for all small and large scale ceramics industries in India as well as in other countries. We deal with our clients to fulfill all their requirements in a very smart and innovative way. Our way to solve problems is not only providing solutions, we are here to remove the problems giving a best market value in the field of ceramics. Using our well established and respected in-house expertise, we provide a comprehensive, sophisticated and managed service that is available to cooperates across a wide spectrum- including producers traders manufacturers, importers and exporters. We offer a wide range of consultancy, research and design services. We also use quantitative techniques such as surveys, online communities, web and social media analytic. And we use techniques based on our knowledge of best practice such as expert review, bench-marking and secondary research.

Jan 2012

1 - 10 employees

Service Provider


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