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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (United Republic of)

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Uhuruone is an ISP (Internet Service Provider), that is based in the city of Dar es salaam, Tanzania. It has been established in 2009 and since has been providing internet to various individual homes, cooperates and NGO's. We also do provide web hosting services, web development, live streaming, VPN and Vsat services. Our major aim is to provide affordable, relieble internet to the mass. And expand the internet know how to the mass of Tanzania.

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As a Network Manager i have been in the company for 2 years and 4 months now, improving and bulding up the network and ensuring a smooth network. I am based on this job cause it brings out the joy in me and love challenges from time to time and it enables me to meet up with many different type of individuals in exchanging ideas. My dream is to have a company of my own in the near future hence would love to get ideas or meet up with experts to exchange ideas and share their experience.

Sep 2009

1 - 10 employees

Service Provider

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Dar Es Salaam
    Tanzania (United Republic of)

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