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Rotex Automation Limited, Vadodara

Verified as Rotex Automation Limited, Vadodara

Vadodara, India

Automotive > Auto Parts

Designer, Manufactures of SOLENOID valves, Floating, Trunion mounted Ball Valve, Butterfly Double/ triple Offset Valve


We design Manufacture and supply Solenoid valves, Angle seat valves and Ball, butter fly Valve Manual and Automated valves along with accessories like NAMUR Solenoid valves, Limit Switch Boxes and Positioner

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ROTEX a largest manufactures of Solenoid valves, Actuator and Automated valves having 4 manufacturing plants in India and one in Germany, offers products for Oils & Gas, Chemical Pharmaceutical, Railway, Defence, Automative industry.

Currently over 40% production is exported to world over, through our marketing offices in India, Europe, USA and more than 150 Agents, Dealer, Distributor network serving 46 Countries..

Jan 1967

51 - 100 employees

Greater than ₹50 crore


  • Head-office/Primary office


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