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Rolling Horizons, LLP

Pune, India

Business Services & Consultancy > Sales, Marketing & Communications


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A company formed by experienced sales and marketing professionals, Rolling Horizons offers consulting and services that accelerate growth, drive outcomes and bring transformation to, possibly one of your most critical business functions -- new customer and business acquisition.

Our services portfolio has been thoughtfully created with an objective of delivering value to companies that range from high growth start-ups and beyond. We have very consciously worked backward from pain points, needs and objectives of companies that we have come across.

Our offering portfolio includes:
- Go-to-market: B2B go-to-market consulting and services
- Go-Digital: B2B and B2C digital marketing solutions
- Go-seamless: B2B sales and marketing transformation consulting

Our differentiated approach is an outcome of the industry experience our team brings. An experience that spans across global - Tier 1 companies and successful start-ups.

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