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Multi EduSkills Global Academy Pvt Ltd.

Verified as Multi EduSkills Global Academy Pvt Ltd.

Surat, India

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Mega Versity is a Training & Placement Hub where you get a broad range of courses to expand your knowledge and secure your future with 100% Placement support backed by the institute. We have won the trust of thousands of students trained and placed since 9 years as we helped them fulfilling their dreams with courses recognized at National and International level.
Easily reachable International Degree & Certification Courses is no more a dream now. Reducing your learning costs to almost half, we provide training for the same. Our direct university collaborations in USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, European Union (1 Visa – 26 countries) is helping out students who are planning to get globally recognized education.
The key benefit of learning with us is you can give proper direction to your talent with certifications which are recognized across the globe. You may proceed for your dream job after the training or establish strong foundations of your own business once you are trained professionally. We aim at bringing out the best from you and introduce a better version of you by highlighting your skills.
When your dreams are big, you just need to be shown the right path to achieve your goals. Let us help you out with our 4 schools.

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