M&G KnowteK WLL

Manama, Bahrain

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Enterprise Risk Management, Industrial Smart Information Systems, Finance Consulting, Project & Program Management,


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M&G KnowteK is a limited liability company in Bahrain, targeting client base in Asia and beyond, in consulting domain. It’s a first-generation business of a group of highly experienced global professionals with multifaceted strengths in techno-commercial arena in manufacturing, projects and business consulting service sectors. The leadership team includes experts from different industries and sectors.

We have offices in Bahrain, UAE (Dubai), China & India

M&G believes in the Strength of partnering with our clients and thereby offering them the power of our expertise. Promising the attention our clients deserve, we engage on relationships beyond consulting.

M&G is a promise; much beyond a name; and we focus on the following areas

Enterprise Risk Management: We offer Software Solutions that drives business performance and corporate growth by providing a new set of management information that enables more informed decision making about certainty within the business model.

Industrial Smart Information Systems: We offers Digitization Solutions that enhances Operational ease, enhance Performance and Efficiencies at Manufacturing facilities and Utilities Sectors.

Business Consulting: Through innovative approaches, our experienced Consultants can unlock your potential and move your business towards new heights.

Finance Consulting: We offer financial leadership and complete support services in accounting, treasury, taxation, legal and compliance

Project & Program Management Consulting: With our team of experienced Project Management Professionals, we can be your partner to offer best practices in EPCM services and ensure your Capital Investment goals are promptly achieved.

Asset Management & Reliability Engineering: Our team leverages strong industry expertise and knowledge with continuous improvement processes, reliability techniques, and asset management. We deliver outcome-based services to help you achieve higher availability of your facilities.

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