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Innotech Aqua Private ltd

Patna, India

Environment > Water Treatment & Distribution

Water filtration


Water filtration solutions

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Innotech Aqua is a company that provides safe drinking water to individuals and communities

Our vision is to improve the living standards of all communities through the provision of safe drinking water, employment and education.

Innotech Aqua is an Indian company with offices in Sydney, Delhi, Patna and Forbesganj an exclusive partnership agreement with Sureaqua Pty Ltd, Australia, for the distribution of their unique water filtration system. The basis of the partnership is a common desire to provide safe water to the people India and Bihar.

We deliver our vision through the three strategic pillars of:

1. Service Excellence
2. Innovation
3. Cost Efficiency

Feb 2016

1 - 10 employees

₹10 crore - ₹25 crore

Service Provider

Service Center


  • Head-office/Primary office


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