Fibre Food Products LLP

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Mumbai, India

Food & Beverage > Beverages

Special combination of Nuts & Spices, one can consume with milk or water (hot or cold) and numerous other way you ca


The Food and its Nutrition has the direct influence on human kind. Our Mantra is, ‘to manufacture and deliver the Quality food products those can contribute to the well-being of human life’. With present manufacturing unit, we make special combination of Nuts & Spice that can be consumed with (Hot or Chilled) Milk (or Water). These are Cholesterol free, Sugar free, (Without any added color or flavors) 100% natural combination

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Fibre Food Products LLP
Mumbai, Mumbai
Food & Beverage ,Beverages

Sep 2015

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₹25 lac


  • Head-office/Primary office

    115, 3rd Floor, New Unique Industrial Estate,, Dr R P Road, Mulund West
    Mumbai - 400080

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