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Expertcallers Solutions Pvt Ltd

Expertcallers Solutions Pvt Ltd

BPOs, KPOs & Outsourcing / Call Centers
Bengaluru, India

ExpertCallers, a Flatworld Solutions company, provides comprehensive customer relationship management services to companies across the globe. It was in 2002, that we started our operations with a handful of clients and staff, but with plenteous of commitment, rock-solid systems and knowledgeable resources. By 2008, our dedication paid off and took our client count to 100+ and staff strength to 2000. By the time we realized we were truly growing, we found our wings spread across 3 continents. Yes, we owe it to our processes and dedication, but we also believe it has got a lot to do with our ability to build and respect relationships. As a company, we strive to break free of the typical client-vendor relationship and build a partnership based on trust and value. We help you build trust by engaging in personal, meaningful, and productive interactions with your customers. We provide great support to a range of contact center requirements including inbound call services, outbound call services, technical support, telemarketing, Email Support, Chat Support etc.

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Service Provider , Professional, Contractor, Retailer, Trader, SME, Corporate


Bengaluru -

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Key Contacts


George Varghese

George Varghese/Founder

Expertcallers Solutions Pvt Ltd
/ Bengaluru, India

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