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Ecogreen Landscape Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Verified as Ecogreen Landscape Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Pune, India

Environment > Environmental Equipment & Technology

Green Wall, Vertical Garden, Bio Wall, Green Roof, Modular Gardens, Biophilic Design Elements, Green Pergola


Biophilic design elements, Vertical Gardens. Roof Gardens, Interior Decorations, Landscape

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Ecogreen Landscape Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, specialises in the field of research, experiment, development, manufacturing, growing, installing and maintaining non conventional greeneries like Green wall, Bio wall, Vertical Garden, Green roof, Modular Gardens. ELT India is committed to the creation and delivery of eco-friendly products that blend harmoniously with nature. ELT India aims to make these sustainable green technologies a safe, easy and reliable way for the benefit of future generations & environment. ELT India intend to inspire people to create Green spaces & promote innovative urban garden techniques & Biophilic spaces

Oct 2010

11 - 30 employees

₹5 crore - ₹10 crore

Service Provider


Professional Services

  • Head-office/Primary office


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