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Durga Bearings Mumbai Pvt Ltd

Verified as Durga Bearings Mumbai Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, India

Tools, Machinery & Components > Machinery Components & Supplies


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Durga Bearings is a proven market leader for supply of top – class bearings in the country. More than 10,000 customers rely on Durga for their superior Technical Support Team, Best Price, Shortest Delivery Time and Durga’s enviable inventory, the largest in the country with an astonishing capability to supply more than 1,50,000 types of bearings from the world’s leading bearing manufacturers.

All this means you can count on Durga for world-class bearings. For expertise that gets you a combination of bearings that best suits your industrial applications .

Aug 1977

31 - 50 employees

Greater than ₹50 crore


  • Registered Address

    32 Corporate Avenue, A wing, 3rd Floor,, Mahal Industrial Estate, Nr Paper Box
    Mumbai - 400093

    GST Number: 27AADCD1210F1ZC

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