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  • Ramesh Kumar

    Ramesh Kumar

    Employment & HR

    hr Recruitment & Staffing Manpower Outsourcing manpower Payroll Outsourcing Corporate Training HR Succezo Succezo Management Solution Private Limited is a services company that is focused on helping organizations enrich its human capital management through strategic partnering. Recruitment & Staffing - Succezo’s domain expertise and technology edge in recruitment help clients to cut costs and access human capital management in the market more effectively. This makes Succezo the compelling choice as the preferred partner for recruitment needs. Manpower Outsourcing - Outsourcing manpower services has become a common practice with companies nowadays. There is always a requirement of professionally qualified and skilled staff in any organization. With the increasing demands of the industry, there is not enough time to get into the complexities of selecting a candidate. This is where outsourcing of manpower comes in. Payroll Outsourcing - Outsourcing of payroll allows you to take your human resources management to a higher level. Succezo understand how important it is for your organization to ensure error-free payroll management activities. With our extensive range of services, your organization can enjoy a payroll process which is timely and accurately. Corporate Training - Succezo Management Solution Private Limited Learning believes in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a direct & measurable impact on client’s key performance indicators.

    25 Sep 2017, 17:42

  • S Malve

    S Malve

    Employment & HR

    We have opening for the position in Sales & Marketing Team at Anupam Group. Urgently looking for a candidate who has experience of working in Sale & Marketing of Tower Crane. The opening is for multiple locations Delhi, Gujarat, & Chennai. Interested candidates kindly share their cv on career@anupamgroup.com

    21 Sep 2017, 12:14

  • Suraj Narain

    Suraj Narain

    Employment & HR

    We are a startup recruitment firm based out Pune. We hire across levels and verticals. I started this venture after good 17 years of corporate HR experience. We are a search firm with a difference. Please feel free to reach out to us for your manpower needs.

    23 Aug 2017, 17:01

  • Mandeep Singh

    Mandeep Singh

    Employment & HR

    It is interesting to see how Men and Women are differentiated at the workplace. Do have a look at our short Opinion Poll https://t.globallinker.com/7Hnub

    16 Aug 2017, 20:35

  • Colonel Achal

    Colonel Achal

    Employment & HR

    How to Keep your Team Motivated to Perform and also Retain Them in your Organization? By Colonel A Sridharan, VSM (Retd) www.covaicare.com From my 27 years experience in the army and 22 years in the civil street as an entrepreneur, I have seen my team in uniform then and now, in civil dress! There is lots of similarity between the two and some are dissimilar. In the case of soldiers and officers of the army whom I was privileged to command, they were a disciplined body and retention was never an issue. But in the civil street this could be a major issue as attitudes and expectations are different. In the army you will accept the boss because he is the boss. Here, you can change the company and get a new boss! Management of human resources is a command function and needs good leadership. Man management as it is called in the army is different. We have to train our soldiers and officers at various levels for war. They should know their roles in different operations of war and be prepared to undertake multi-tasks, when and if necessary. Of course, there are some who handle the same weapon system life long but with experience they will be given additional responsibilities. To the officers and soldiers, training is an essential part of life, since we do not know when war may happen. The levels of training will differ with the rank and the terrain where you are to fight the battle. Today, with insurgency and terrorists in our borders and within the country, all fighting arms are trained to operate as foot soldiers and undertake operations even against insurgents or terrorists on our borders. Motivation of our troops is essentially part of officers’ training. Low morale is direct reflection of low motivation. Officers are constantly reminded for their need to keep their soldiers under their command highly motivated and maintain high morale to perform the task assigned. During my time, in field or border areas when you are facing the enemy, if we notice any soldier showing signs of being worried, his immediate officer would speak to him, find out what is the cause for his worry and find a solution. It may even be as simple as that he had not heard from his wife. His immediate-officer would even write to the soldier’s wife asking her to write to her husband so that his morale is raised! Remember those days we did not have decent telephone lines leave alone mobile phones! This requirement may not be there today! The leadership style when dealing with disciplined men and women in uniform is different than what we require in the civil street. It was and still is a learning experience for me after I hung my boots and became an entrepreneur. I realized that the same methods of man management would not work in the civil street. The method to be adopted needed tweaking. The biggest lesson for me was that loyalty is not implicit as in the army but depends upon the salary and perks that one can get. In the army we are bound by our contracted period of service and even after that period, we may not be allowed to go home if the army needed our services. Not so in the civil street, where one can resign and look for greener pastures. But many of the leadership traits that I learnt in the army stood me in good stead when I moved to civil street. Our Company’s attrition levels are low, even though we are in the services sector – taking care of senior citizens across many cities. We provide services and care to senior citizens. Some of my learning in the past 22 years as an entrepreneur with regard to management of Human Resources is as follows: 1. An organization is more important than individuals. This must be stressed at every opportunity and the Team should feel and take proprietorship of the Company. The Company that you are working for is not mine – it is ours. 2. No one is indispensible. It is always all about teamwork. Yet, ever member of the team has a role to play and this must be not only understood but also demonstrated. 3. Every human being is different. Never apply the same yardstick in either judging individuals or assign them tasks to perform. Not all are endowed with talent to undertake any task. 4. Identify talent and groom them for taking more responsibilities in the Company. The armed forces do it exceedingly well. 5. If there is a need to fill a vacancy at higher levels of management, first look for such a person within the Company rather than getting some one from out side. This will send a strong message to the Team that “the management recognizes our talent and I can rise in the hierarchy of the organisation” 6. Appreciate good work and let everyone know. 7. “To error is human but to forgive is divine”. But in any organisation mistakes will happen. So long the mistake is not intentional but due to error in judgment, pardon such people committing such mistakes. Even the Boss makes mistakes. That does not mean you punish the Boss! If the mistake made was due to error in judgment and you

    8 Aug 2017, 08:35

  • Ghanshyam Gupta

    Ghanshyam Gupta

    Employment & HR


    21 Aug 2017, 16:11

  • Arun Lobom

    Arun Lobom

    Employment & HR

    I am looking for job in HR department

    14 Jul 2017, 20:55

  • [Removed User]

    [Removed User]

    Employment & HR

    Motivated and engaged employees too ‘become quiet’ when they experience one or more of the following issues: – Leadership integrity is paramount to maintaining relationships and keeping people focused and energized. Not living the company values inevitably leads to distrust. - Employees feel insecure when there is favoritism, nepotism or irregular behavior on the part of leadership. -Being overlooked – not being listened to, being ignored or contribution not being recognized all lead to apathy. - Employees easily perceive dishonesty and hate any attempts at being conned. -Where managers withhold pertinent pieces of information for power purposes or fail to communicate adequately with employees, staff feel neglected and worthless. -Leadership selfishness -When leadership operates out of a vague sense of direction with little or no communication of an expected future state. The ‘quietness’ of typically motivated employees is an organisational alarm which leadership needs to recognize and act on. Internal reflection is necessary as the origin of the lack of passion so often lies in leadership inappropriateness, neglect or selfishness. If you have a great team, keep going back to where it all started.... see how each individual's journey has shaped up along with the organisation.... you will get lot of answers and insights. Thanks one and all for joining.

    14 Jul 2017, 17:12

  • Sarveshkumar Dubey

    Sarveshkumar Dubey

    Employment & HR

    Hi ! everyone We are dealing into Physical Security. We face huge challenge in retaining the employees. Inspite of giving timely salary, Bonus, Leave, Minimum Wages as per govt. norms and other statutory liabilities, we are unable to inhouse the talent human resource. They leave us with out even informing us. Kindly suggest.

    14 Jul 2017, 16:11

  • Harsh Gupta

    Harsh Gupta

    Employment & HR

    sources for hiring new talent for a SME?

    14 Jul 2017, 16:32

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