Value-add Tally features needed to grow your business

Value-add Tally features needed to grow your business

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Dipika Gohil

Dipika Gohil

5 Oct 2019, 09:30 — 5 min read

Background:Tally is a feature packed software that is used extensively to streamline business processes. In her previous article Dipika Gohil explained how 80% of Tally users utilise only 20% of the software potential. In this article she lists out certain features of Tally that users can activate to make their business activities more efficient.

What if I told you, at the end of this article you will be able to save all your bills and supporting documents in your Tally along with their respective entries without paying a single rupee? Or even better, as an administrator you'd be able to monitor user activities while they use Tally?

Not just these, there are many more features that I'll be throwing some light in this article.

Most people purchase Tally.ERP 9 & stay limited to the inbuilt features of the software but there is a lot more to be explored beyond Tally. Users can customise Tally based on their business requirements.


As a growing business, it is crucial to know what tools, tricks and software exist in the market and how we ourselves can implement them to improve our efficiency and productivity.

Most people purchase Tally.ERP 9 and stay limited to the inbuilt features of the software but there is a lot more to be explored beyond Tally. Different types of businesses have different types of needs and to satisfy those needs, a Tally user can customise their Tally based on their requirement.

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Let's get started with the various features that you can activate in Tally.

Automatic Backup (Smart Backup++) 

Tally provides a backup option wherein at the end of the day one has to click on the backup option to take backups. This is a people-based process. The problem with a people-based process is that people may forget to take a backup or can make errors that cannot be avoided completely. The only solution to avoid such human mistakes is to make such a critical process of taking a backup, a system-based process (automatic) that involves zero human intervention.

Faster Communication (Smart SMS)

Today the market has many vendors. Your customers could simply get a few meters away from their home and find a new vendor. They could forget about you in an instant. We all know that customers are not loyal unless they get a benefit for being loyal to a brand. You have to constantly remind your customers about your brand and how will you do that? Remember communication is the key to retaining a customer. Your Tally can be used to send SMS to your customers. Wish your customers on their special days, send them exclusive offers, inform them about the upcoming sale dates etc. Send your customers gentle reminders regarding outstanding payments. It is up to you how you use this feature.

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Document management (Multiple file management) 

Manage your documents easily by saving them along with the relevant entries in Tally. The benefit is that you will save a lot of your time spent on maintaining date wise document records. Auditing will be a stress-free process as the supporting documents are already visible along with entries. Thus, Auditors can perform their auditing tasks without any delay.

Monitor & Control (Audit trail with deleted voucher history) 

Monitoring and control go hand in hand. You cannot separate the two. In order to control and improve the process, it is important to monitor the whole process and pinpoint the loopholes in it. Administrators on Tally can view user activities. They can generate a report of every voucher entry and monitor which user has passed the entry and which user has edited. Also, they can view who has deleted a voucher if needed. This will help companies to improve the process and reduce wastage of time by optimising user work.

Outstanding Management (One-Click Outstanding) 

Cash flow is the bloodline of any business. A business is said to be financially healthy when it can collect its outstanding in time. You can send outstanding reminders through Tally and remind your customers about the payment that is due in a click. No more calling customers over and over again.

Similarly, there are hundreds of other TDLs (Tally Definition Language) available that you can install in your Tally. The best part is you can request for a demo and trial of these now and optimise your business today!


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