Up or Out? Promotion or New Job?

Up or Out? Promotion or New Job?

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Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia

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When we were young, it has been instilled to us that loyalty is important, staying longer in a company for an average of 10-15 years or perhaps until retirement. Climbing up the corporate ladder is the career progression back then and I believe it's still applicable on some level nowadays. I usually see these related topics in published in journals such as Harvard Business Review, Business Magazines online, and even on informal news outlets like TikTok and LinkedIn. Some of their published content is about leveraging your salary when you hop jobs every 1-2 years. It can range from 30-80% the most. Apparently, some would say, this range is quite constraint when it comes to internal appraisal, so, somehow, employees would rather take greener pasture elsewhere. That's reality of the working world.


For the applicant's translation, it's getting what you want and self-love is the key. But before clicking the 'Easy Apply' button just check out some few pointers you might consider at your current job. Being promoted and also having already the know-hows and you're at ease with the environment is also an edge for you in the long run.


1. Check with industry contacts who have the same qualifications or experience. It may be somebody inside your organization who made an upward salary increase recently outside? Or, a colleague with a similar job who has been promoted faster. This is a good benchmark to haggle with your line manager.

2. During your one-on-one session with your boss, flex your material contributions. On my end, I'm grateful for my stay in HSBC that even my peers recognise process improvements that I proposed and coded via Visual Basic. It augmented my rating with my managers as the tool is already utilized within the team. Though, this often happens, it would really help if you document your progress too.

3. Bridge the gap between your current and future skillset requirements “While you may be a top performer in your current job, there may be areas where you still need to develop before hitting your target role.” says Sarah Paul, Director of Human Resources at Govan Brown Construction Managers. It may also require further certifications, education, or trainings may be leadership or technical aspect.


Making a clear and concise goal with your line manager is still an advisable path to work on your desired role. If the discussion of your career is taking a while, maybe, it's time to reassess and come up with a decision. Remember, it's your career we're talking about. How about you? How do you manage your career?


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