My mother's role in my life & business journey

My mother's role in my life & business journey


Rupal Agarwal

Rupal Agarwal

14 May 2017, 00:03 — 4 min read

No matter how tough life has been for me and my family, I have always been optimistic. When something goes wrong, I make sure I smile. The motive behind it may seem like a mystery - but I have a strength that I have imbibed from my mother.

My mother is a constant source of inspiration for me. Right from my childhood days, she was always supportive of me and my life decisions. In fact, she never underestimated my talent and abilities. She nurtured me and taught me how to stay strong in the most difficult of situations. I have received abundant support and warmth from her throughout my life. As a child, I was never treated like a girl at home. I never felt discriminated in terms of my gender and how my demeanour should be in society. I was given the freedom to live life on my own terms. My choices and exposure were not limited and restricted to how society perceived it. This freedom actually made me understand and distinguish between right and wrong. It taught me to deal with tough situations with patience and intelligence.

I grew up on stories of great legends as a child. I had the privilege of hearing stories of legendary warriors while going to bed at night. My mother would cuddle me and narrate stories while I was resting in the warmth of her lap. More than the stories, I grew up on the positive influence which my mother had on me. She is an extremely positive person who knows how to be calm and composed. She taught me to always look for the silver lining in a situation and to take only the positive from it. Even today, I draw immense positivity and strength from her whenever I feel dejected and stressed.

I have inherited a lot of courage and wisdom from my mother which I shall forever remain grateful for. Her struggles and life lessons have taught me a lot about life and its principles. Even today, she constantly motivates me to perform better and to outdo myself. She always advises me to push the envelope by a little margin every time. I think this constant motivation fuels me to work harder with each passing day. It boosts my confidence and self-esteem. It triggers and energises my mind and body to carry on with a positive attitude despite the stress and tensions of daily life.

I have imbibed what my mother has taught me from the time I was a kid and I have gone ahead and executed it into a special leadership style that compiles a lot of philosophies - that is my trademark. In my business journey so far, my mother has played a pivotal role in each and every phase. She has helped me a lot in taking important strategic decisions while setting up my retail company. From inception to structuring and organising my company, she always offered a helping hand to me. Even today, our equation is still the same. I do discuss my work with her and she is the first person I run up to for help in an event of crisis. Her sweet words and good wishes while I leave the house every morning help me to get through the day with positivity and peace.

Honestly, I am extremely grateful to the almighty for blessing me with such a wonderful mother. I shall always remain thankful to her for bringing me up with a positive attitude and motivating me throughout my life. In fact, I owe my success today to her because she has tremendously contributed to my journey so far. Without her support, I wouldn't have reached so far.


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My mother's role in my life & business journey


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