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Love your business


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Valentine’s Day is here. It is a special day that reminds us of the importance of love. As an entrepreneur, one of your primary relationships is with your business. Like most relationships, it’s easy to start out with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, but often in the humdrum of daily work life, the founding passion and love for the business is lost. The ideal business is one that is inspiring, lucrative and fun. When you love your work, it becomes easier and much more enjoyable to reach your goals.

Here are tips to ignite the spark and make you fall in love with your business & work.



Align your heart with what matters most

The best way to survive the storms of entrepreneurship is to make sure that your heart is anchored to what matters the most to you in your work & business. Is it ensuring that you maintain a certain culture and ethos at work; is it your core business philosophy; is it about surrounding yourself with a team that is passionate and driven? Ask yourself these questions from time to time and ensure that you don’t let the vicissitudes of life take you away from what matters most to you.

Streamline your business

When your business runs efficiently, you feel energized and happy. Objectively assess how well you are managing your staff, producing your products & services and overall running your business. Identify productivity roadblocks and make a concerted effort to improve efficiency. Follow the 80/20 rule to boost your productivity. This will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, but would also make you happier about managing day-to-day business affairs.

Step back & look at the bigger picture

Occasionally, step away from micro-managing every aspect of your business, and give some thought to the bigger picture. With what vision, did you start the business? Are you on track in terms of your business goals? Is it time to reassess the path on which you need to steer the enterprise? Having a clear road map and periodically reviewing your master plan gives you a sense of being on track and fulfilling your goals.


Practice gratitude

The stress of running a business can often make you slip into a mode of complaint where nothing seems positive. Make a conscious effort to practice gratitude. Each day, make a list of all that you are grateful for in your business journey. An attitude of gratitude creates a positive work environment and greater joy and harmony among the team members.

Join a stimulating professional network

Interacting with inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners is always enriching & motivating. Joining a network like GlobalLinker will not only enable your business growth but will also inspire, inform and revive your drive to excel.

Grow your business

Expanding your team & looking at new business opportunities can reinvigorate your business. Exploring new growth opportunities is the best way to recharge your batteries & infuse fresh energy into your business.

Share with us your unique recipe for falling in love with your business!


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