Hosting Business Awards on the GlobalLinker Platform

Hosting Business Awards on the GlobalLinker Platform

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Hosting regular awards is an exciting way for corporates, government organisations and trade bodies to recognise businesses that have excelled and created a positive impact. GlobalLinker offers a rich ‘Awards’ feature whereby partners can easily host business awards on the platform. Every aspect of the awards from awareness building, submission of application forms, assessment of participants by jury members and finally announcement of winners can be done efficiently on the platform.

Here is the 5-step process for hosting business awards on the GlobalLinker platform:

1. Accumulation of Data

In this stage our partner provides all the details pertaining to the award including award categories, application form, jury parameters, jury member names, dates for application submission, eligibility criteria etc.

2. Awareness Building

The Awards are prominently featured on the GlobalLinker platform and thus applications are accessible to the 400,000+ SME base. Mailers with all the details are also sent.


3. Application Process

Interested SMEs can easily apply through a simple form and can even upload other relevant details. Eligibility criteria is clearly articulated which makes the application process seamless.


4. Assessment by Jury Members

The application details are thereafter assessed impartially by the jury members. A digitised process ensures that assessments are fair and error-free.

5. Announcement of Winners

Award winners are announced on the platform and also via mailers. Usually, the winners are also showcased in feature articles on the platform, and this provides them further recognition and motivation.

The prestigious Telangana State Industry Awards have been successfully hosted on GlobalLinker for the past 5 years. Retailers Association of India (RAI) has also been hosting various awards on the platform including ReTech Awards, Retail Startup Awards, Manning Modern Retail and several other prestigious awards for the retail sector.

Commenting on the 2022 edition of the Telangana State Industry Awards, Sameer Vakil, Co-founder & CEO, GlobalLinker stated, “The very high quality and wide variety of entries at the Telangana State Awards 2022 is a clear indicator of the culture of innovation, creativity and industriousness of the entrepreneurs and businesses in the state. Additionally, as the provider of the platform on which the programme is run, GlobalLinker is pleased to make the participation by firms and the work of the jury more efficient.”

Malavika Jaggi, Director SMEs & Partners, GlobalLinker elaborates on the awards process, “Hosting awards at this scale requires meticulous planning and implementation. With the GlobalLinker platform, the Telangana Government is able to reach out to businesses across the state, invite and process applications effortlessly. Moreover, the evaluation and scoring by the panel of judges is objectively managed and the final results are collated seamlessly.”

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