Digital catalogues: The future of B2B sales

Digital catalogues: The future of B2B sales

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Jayant Arora

Jayant Arora

15 Dec 2020, 15:01 — 5 min read

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the way companies buy from and sell to each other now looks very different than it used to—perhaps permanently. Every industry is undergoing a transformation, and new-age digital technology has certainly been an enabler. To thrive in the next normal, B2B companies will need to continue adapting to the new digital reality.


Traditionally, majority of B2B sales take place in two ways:

1. Direct mail of physical catalogues

2. Personal meetings and presentation of products or services


With COVID-19, there is a huge shift in the way B2B sales are done. They now take place largely through phone and online communication. With limited in-person meetings and social distancing norms, digital catalogues will be a vital way to drive sales.


What is a digital catalogue? 

A digital catalogue is essentially a product catalogue hosted online. It  allows customers to search for specific product information such as descriptions, prices, and product images on the internet. Having a digital catalogue helps a company to get business in real-time as it showcases your products and services to  existing and potential customers wherever they are, as long as they have access to the internet.


According to Frost & Sullivan, 69% of businesses said they are planning to stop printing catalogues within the next five years, and will replace them with digital catalogues. This evolution is thanks to how convenient it is to share  a digital catalogue.  Here are the key reasons to have a digital catalogue.


1. B2B customers are researching and purchasing online

The internet has changed the way B2B sales take place. Businesses now look at all potential options available and do a price analysis before contacting sales team to know more. Having a digital catalogue will allow you to accommodate this shift in buyer behaviour so they can directly place orders online.


2. It provides customers with easy access to information

With digital catalogues, your customer can view your product information whenever they want. It also make it easier for them to search for the product they are looking for and quickly find the desired information. Ensure your digital catalogue is compatible with mobile devices as well. This will improve your customer experience.


3. Offers flexibility for updates

Listing your products on a digital catalogue makes it easier to update prices, product availability, and other details in real-time. It also allows you to add new products when necessary. It helps minimise out-of-date information and thereby creates a streamlined workflow for your business.


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4. Reduces costs

Digital catalogues are cost efficient as you can save expenditure on paper, printing, and distribution.


5. Makes your offerings easier to search and discover

With a print catalogue, it takes time to browse and look for different products via the index. A digital catalogue has a search functionality. This allows customers to find products easily, thus maximising likelihood of them making a purchase.


6. Digital catalogues are perfect for engagement

They  will enable you to connect with your target audience via a variety of different mediums like email, website, B2B eCommerce store etc. You can embed animations, explainer videos and order buttons within digital catalogues to engage customers in creative and capturing ways.


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