CAPED - Fighting for the cause of eradicating cervical cancer in India

CAPED - Fighting for the cause of eradicating cervical cancer in India

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Mridu Gupta

Mridu Gupta

346 week ago — 3 min read

Cervical cancer is one of those very preventable evils that exists in our society in India. It kills more women in India than anywhere else in the world. This truth is filled with irony. Cervical cancer is the only cancer that is 100% preventable among women. Preventing it means screening which involves a pap test every 3 years. This is necessary, with or without a vaccine. There is a vaccine reduces the incidence of being infected by about 60% but the most important thing is for every woman to get a pap test done regularly.

Yet, it is the largest killing cancer for women in the country. Despite the two vaccines that can prevent the onset of the disease, approximately 132,000 women fall prey to cervical cancer each year with 74,000 succumbing to the disease. This number is 1/3 of the global figure with the vast majority of the remaining deaths coming from other countries in South Asia and Africa.

It is possible that with greater awareness, it will be possible to mitigate the damage done by this unforgiving force if not completely eradicate its influence from our society.


A Trust registered in the year 2014 under the Indian Trust Act, CAPED – Cancer Awareness, Prevention and Early Detection, ( as the name suggests, is a platform established for the dissemination of information and awareness creation about the latest developments in the field of cancer. 


CAPED has chosen the cause of women-related cancers with a focus on cervical cancer. Our mission is to identify and create different arenas to spread awareness and knowledge among women and empower them to take action regarding their own health. We also conduct on-the-spot screening for lower income areas of Gurgaon and Delhi city.  


To propel our efforts, CAPED holds an annual fundraising theatrical event. The play which we are performing is called ‘I Have a Dream’ and it is based on the musical ‘Mamma Mia’. The play was a huge success when it ran in April and director Ritu Chandra was highly lauded.

We invite you to attend the play and enjoy a wonderful show with familiar, foot-tapping songs. 


The play will be staged at The Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of December. Tickets are available on bookmyshow.


You can be rest assured that the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to a good cause and we look forward to seeing you at the show. It will be a memorable evening and your support for our endeavour will be invaluable.  


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