Bring colour to your business

Bring colour to your business

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Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Sridhar Narayanaswamy

227 week ago — 3 min read

Background: Colours play an important role enhancing the brand value of a company. In his previous article N.Sridhar shared how a business plan is a blueprint for success. Here he shares how businesses must leverage the festival of colours to give their brand a fresh lease of life.

Holi is a festival where colours take centre stage. Wide range of colours bring to the fore, a joyous occasion to celebrate. Holi festival takes on different meanings in different parts of the country. The entire country wears a colourful look and it is for young and old alike.

These days we hear about business being dull, slow and not picking up as expected.

So what does Holi mean to the business segment? Business can turn a new leaf, make their messages more colourful keeping in tune with the festive occasion. When a festive occasion comes around, spending also increases more out of enjoyment than need. Business houses therefore can focus on what they have to offer, bring out more advertisements, promotions and attract customers.


I sincerely believe, the colours that are splashed around in Holi will bring cheer all around and act as a catalyst for more business.

Being associated with the paint industry for long, by providing software solutions of all kinds, I believe, the paint companies whose main product line is multiple colour shades, can now use this opportunity to advertise their products more effectively.

Who will not like to see their homes painted and a new coat of paint will also mean, buying new furniture, new gadgets and so on. Overall, the effect will be there on improved business all around.

But there is a catch here. How will the paint companies provide a visual medium for the consumers to check out the wide range of colours on their homes. One cannot paint a wall and scrap it again and again.

We, being an innovative software company, do provide solutions for digital visualisation which paint companies, architects, builders, painting contractors and even DIY enthusiasts can take advantage of. It is all about painting without a paint brush.

So let us enjoy Holi, play with colours and look forward to mega growth in the coming years.

Happy Holi.

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