An entrepreneur’s creativity finds a market with an online store

An entrepreneur’s creativity finds a market with an online store


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

14 Dec 2020, 11:10 — 6 min read

When Shivali Vakil launched Artchetype Studio in 2017, she wanted to create a niche business, one that would provide desktop essentials and stationery, with elements of architecture and interior design.


Coming from a strong background in design and architecture, Shivali studied at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York, worked with eminent architects in Mumbai and is passionate about creating inspiring work spaces.



With a demanding career as an architect, Shivali realised that the best way to start her business was online. This would allow her flexibility of time and require minimal financial investment. She did not have the time to hire developers to create an eCommerce store from scratch and there was no guarantee that the eStore would turn out the way she envisaged. to the rescue

Considering these concerns and challenges, Shivali opted to use, GlobalLinker’s DIY eCommerce platform for anyone looking to create an online store for free. To Shivali’s surprise, her eCommerce store, Artchetype Studio, was ready in a matter of days! made designing her online store super quick and easy. She could completely customise it as per her preferences, and it even came integrated with logistics providers and payment gateways.


Shivali shares, “Honestly my journey with has been extremely easy and hassle-free. I know people who really struggle with their website, trying to design it and figure logistics and everything. At, there are standard artwork sizes that you create banners for; you have the logistics integrated, and payment options are automated. Customers are happy because shipping happens very fast. I have nothing to worry about!”


Honestly my journey with has been extremely easy and hassle-free. Most importantly, it's increased my sales. I started with selling 75 planners and each year the number has gone up by thousands.


She adds, “My interaction with customers in terms of what I offer, shipping, time-to-delivery among others, has been minimised. has cut back on that entire expense of having to hire someone to answer questions and relay facts. Most importantly, it's increased my sales. I started with selling 75 planners and each year the number has gone up by thousands.”

With, Shivali could focus on the fun bit - designing stationery and essentials that evoke joy. The Artchetype Studio eCommerce store showcases beautiful stationery, notebooks, calendars and planners that spark joy and a promise to make the most mundane tasks memorable. The eCommerce store also features special discounts, an adorable mascot (Cubo) and gift hampers. 


With the help of GlobalLinker’s eCommerce ecosystem,, Shivali’s dream was nurtured and created into a state-of-the-art online store.

Through word of mouth and smart social media promotions, especially on Instagram, Shivali has built a strong brand identity and a loyal clientele for Artchetype Studio over the past three years. Her store sales have tripled in the last two years and she has a turnover of more than a crore now.


A fresh and evolving product range, a smart social media strategy, an easy to navigate store layout, a robust payment gateway and logistics - these are some of the key factors that have contributed to Artchetype Studio’s phenomenal success.

Expanding the product range and market

With the fast growth of Artchetype Studio, Shivali is now looking to expand her horizons. She explains, “Artchetype has reached that point where we feel the need to expand our range of products and our number of products. With my knowledge and background in architecture interiors, I am looking to combine stationery and desk essentials along with creating spaces that are inspiring. So, aside from paper based flat products, we want to start creating an entire space that you find inspiring and want to work in. For now, we will explore with home décor, but it could evolve into room essentials, storage essentials and perhaps into furniture.”

Shivali is also looking to take Artchetype Studio beyond India’s shores, in the spirit of ‘Local se Global'. She shares, “As we spend a large part of our lives either pursuing our passions or at our workspaces, the inimitable question comes up - do our work spaces and the environs we work and ideate in reflect our moods and personalities? Artchetype products are a way of creating small personal spaces and objects to reflect our moods and aspirations - the wish to dream, the wish to create, the wish to excel and the wish to produce results of our dreams that others pride in owning. I am now looking forward to selling my products globally.”


From India to the world - Shivali Vakil’s eCommerce store, Artchetype Studio is ready to enthral the global audience. This has all been possible because she made the wise decision to sell online and create her eCommerce store with


Visit Artchetype Studio -


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