A New Year: 365 days of possibilities & promises

A New Year: 365 days of possibilities & promises




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Summary: A new year has arrived. Best-selling author Sarah Ban Breathnach describes the first day of the year as, “New Year's Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery.”
GlobalLinker member Shalini Sridhar shares some simple promises we can make to ourselves to welcome the new year with greater joy, harmony and success.

As another year melts away, we take time to reflect on the days past. How many victories have we achieved, how many setbacks have we witnessed, how many sorrows and joys have we come upon? 365 days of possibilities. It comes again.

We think to ourselves about the reason for our very existence. How have we as individuals contributed to ourselves and society? What is the reason for our being? What is our purpose in life? Year after year when the bell tolls and ushers in another 365 days, we promise ourselves of all the resolutions we are meant to keep…because, why not? Isn’t that the only time we acknowledge our limitations? Isn’t it customary to sit down and list our resolutions only to have it fizzle out by mid-January? Isn’t it time we take stock of our own misgivings and failures and make a personal promise to better ourselves and celebrate our successes?

Shall we take a moment to talk about it and perhaps make some promises?

Mind over matter

As human beings, we are always rushing to and fro. Work, school, deadlines…we forget to take just a single moment for a breather. Time is forever. It runs the same for every living thing and yet it gives us the illusion of slipping between our fingers if you don’t take notice of it. 

The concept of mindfulness is slowly becoming a household and workspace word. In the race to chase money, power, status we forget to live in the moment. We forget to acknowledge our own awareness. Let’s keep a promise to accept and recognise ourselves for who we are. You are amazing. There is only one YOU. Embrace it.

Learn a new hobby

I believe that every individual conceived on the planet has something to contribute to themselves and society.

The myriad talents, hidden potentials and aptitudes is what makes each individual unique. Perhaps it takes years for someone to recognise their own talents. Some are born with it through genetic disposition. Some work hard to achieve it.  But believe me, everybody has a talent. How does one recognise it? Take up a few hobbies. By that I mean trying something new regularly. You never know when you find the right hobby; it may just transform your life. 

Once I heard a speech by South Indian comedian, screenwriter, actor and playwright – Crazy Mohan, who is known for his work in the Tamil film industry for writing dialogue for several successfully commercial comedy films.  As an engineer by education he managed to find his vocation by developing his hobby from school. The hobby? Writing dramas and plays. He says, “Take up hobbies and other interests. You never know one day one of them just might become your profession.”

Read a book

Bibliophiles will agree with me. There is no greater joy in life then curling up with a good book.  A book can take you to wondrous places and give you amazing experiences right from the comfort of your chair.

As children we are encouraged to read…and read some more. Fairy tales of kings, queens, princesses, fire breathing dragons or witches and wizards riding broomsticks, bring unimaginable joy and wanderlust to young minds.

Reading increases cognitive and emotional intelligence. Reading has the power to expand not only our minds but our vocabulary, reasoning and critical thinking…all essential components of life. Reading truly has the power to transform your life. Fiction, nonfiction, take your pick. No more excuses to say we don’t have the time. Let’s keep a promise to ourselves to read more and encourage ourselves and our children to a lifetime of loving books.

Spend time with family & friends

There is no greater joy than hearing the laugh of a child or seeing the smiles on their faces. But did you miss it in the year gone by because you didn’t have time to spend with them? Did you tell yourself you were so busy that they grew up quietly right under your very nose?

Did you miss to talking to your buddy and suddenly it’s been 10 years? Friendships and relationships span across all ages. Why is it that we forget these once life and work begin? Social interactions and relationships are crucial to our psychological well-being. Studies have shown that relationships, friendships and interactions alleviate depression and can be great motivating factors in your life.

Let’s make a promise to pick up that phone and call a friend to say hello. Let’s make a promise to keep in touch with loved ones. Let’s stay connected.


Sometimes you wonder - why were you born? Did you aim to just exist, or do you believe you have the power to invoke change? This planet is for everybody. The resources the Earth provides is for all to share. What have we got to contribute? Let’s make a promise to help others. Do you have money to spare? Donate some. Do you have time to spare? Volunteer to those who need help. Talents to share? Teach someone. You never know when you might be the change in changing one person’s life for the better.  Let’s make a promise to inspire and encourage others.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Undress the negative – don the positive

Finally, let’s take a step back and assess our life. Put things into perspective. Let’s aim to rid ourselves of the masks we wear. Our negativities. Our bad habits. Let’s strive to be more optimistic and thoughtful human beings. Let’s be accountable for our thoughts and actions. Let’s make a promise to be a little better each day. Let’s give our very best in whatever we do. Finally, let’s make a promise to motivate not just ourselves but also those around us.

As the clock on another set of 365 days begin, the possibilities are endless. The world is your oyster.

Happy New Year!


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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker.  

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