8 quick tips to overcome the overwhelm

8 quick tips to overcome the overwhelm

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Anjan Purandare

Anjan Purandare

417 week ago — 4 min read

There are various instances in life wherein you feel overwhelmed. Overwhelm is basically nothing but an intensity of what you are actually feeling. You can be overwhelmed with happiness, you can be overwhelmed with sorrow, you can even be overwhelmed with excitement. However, there is a certain kind of 'overwhelm' is life, which is a bit tricky to understand and deal with. This is felt more when you are indefatigably trying to excel in your profession as well as excel in your personal life and strike a balance between the two roles.

If you feel that your work life balance is teetering on the edge, it is time to make changes before the overwhelm consumes you.


Here are 8 tips for dealing with overwhelm.


1. Assure yourself that everything is perfect, and there is room for improvement and regaining work life balance. Consciously assure yourself that turmoil is nothing but a path towards peace. It takes time and energy to resist reality. The caveat around overwhelm is to accept what is and take it from there.


2. Take the attitude that you will, of course, do what is most important, even if you do not yet know what it is or how you will do it. Be curious about what you don't know and how to do it rather than worrying about it. Sometimes, the willingness to change is enough to bring about a change.


3. Surround yourself with order and cleanliness. When your insides are churning with anxiety over multiple commitments, create order outside. You won't realize when that orderliness that you create outside, will translate into orderliness in your mind. Unclutter your surroundings, arrange your workspace in a congenial manner and let the clean surroundings get to your mind.


4. Use every means available. Make plans and act spontaneously. Make lists for your own convenience but don't be so rigid with the lists that you end up overwhelming yourself more. Managing overwhelm means mingling both direct and indirect ways of moving forward.


5. Be real. However linear or spontaneous, ground your choices in your real life and work experience. It doesn't make sense to simply ignore a deadline or to pretend that a complex piece of work can be done in 10 minutes.


6. Revise your commitments. Promises are not made to be broken, but some are made to be revised. Act promptly to revise commitments that you cannot or will not keep.


7. First things first. Take time for exercise, prayer, meditation, and simply "defragging" no matter how busy you are. Doing these things first each day enlivens you and gives you the resilience and resourcefulness to do your best.


8. Breathe. First, last, and always, let a rising bubble of anxiety be your reminder to breathe. There is nothing that can rejuvenate your soul better than a long deep breath of peace.


Lastly, life will always overwhelm you. In a way, it is an opportunity to learn, to evolve, to analyze and to be a better person with each passing day.


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