10 ways to win the coolest office award

10 ways to win the coolest office award

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GlobalLinker Staff

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Following up on the article on Money does not motivate people, this does!, we bring to you another article where we share with you some quirky tips to motivate your employees.

What encourages employees to remain productive all throughout the day is an obscure holy grail of management at most organisations. While money and various other benefits are important, they don’t motivate employees enough to give their best every single day. So what can you do to ensure that your office sparks joy for the people who work there? Here are some tips and tricks to make your workplace the coolest!

1. Start by physically beautifying the office

No one wants to spend the maximum time of their day in boring spaces. An aesthetic workplace lightens up the thinking bulbs and becomes a resource for the flow of positive energy. Keep the office nice and decluttered and a piece of art never fails to inspire people. You can ask your employees to paint the office walls or create beautiful caricatures to make the space livelier.

Make sure your office space is up-to-date with all the new technologies and equipment. It doesn’t necessarily have to expensive always but should allow teams to do their jobs better and with ease.

2. Install games inside your office

The saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” holds true for your employees too. Normally an average human spends nearly 7-8 hours in their workplace and doing the same work day in and day out can definitely lead to burnout and a lack of productivity. Install a table tennis table or a foosball table in your office. Playing in between work can get their creative juices flowing! It can also create a fun environment for employees to get to know each other better.

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3. Create a ‘relaxation corner’

Many offices that have long work hours have a dedicated spaces for employees to occasionally zone out or take a quick nap. You can try setting up bean bags or a bunk bed. Sitting in the same position all through the day leads to body aches and muscle sores. Creating a soft area for work can really help relax them. You can also install plugs in that area so that employees can work while relaxing.

Scientific studies show that being in the company of pets can release good hormones in the brain which can reduce your blood pressure and boost creativity.

4. Organise pet day

Scientific studies show that being in the company of pets can release good hormones in the brain which can reduce your blood pressure and boost creativity. So what are you waiting for? Ask your employees to bring in their furry friends every once in a while and apart from all the cuddle sessions, you sure will see an energized office.

5. Dedicate a reading corner

Having an office library is a great idea to indulge in some ‘me-time’ for every employee. Books are the store house of great ideas and inspirations and have the power to motivate each person reading it, differently. Instead of purchasing all the books, you can ask all you employees to lend a book or two.

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6. Introduce Friday drinks-on-the-house sessions

After a long week at work, employee motivation is generally at the lowest on Fridays.  And what better way to cheer them up other than some good food and drinks. You can stock up the office fridge with beer and food so that when Friday afternoon starts, they can wind down and hang out with their co-workers. A great kickstart to the weekend, this tip is sure to keep them motivated for the upcoming week as well!

7. Organise impromptu office lunches

A great way to engage your employees to get to know each other better is going out on office lunches. An impromptu lunch scene is always a welcome idea unless there is a lot to do. This is a great way to motivate employees to forward to working every day.

8. Install a gym or a wellness centre

Exercise is a great stress buster and a gym inside the office can take it to the next level. You can also set up a wellness center in your office where your employees can be encouraged to eat healthy, practice healthy habits and even meditate and practice yoga. As they say, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body."

9. Throw birthday parties for your employees

Getting a birthday surprise can leave your employees feeling happy and appreciated.  And a party doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can order a nice cake and some food and maybe some game sessions to brighten the mood.

10. Coffee/tea stations

For many, a good cup of coffee or tea is like a drug (pun intended!). Simply saying, a majority of people need their morning cappuccino or afternoon green tea to get going through the day. Install a coffee/tea machine and give your employees the access to unlimited beverage all day long.

The above tips and tricks are sure to motivate your employees and make the work space peppier. Go ahead give them a try!

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