10 Linker Stores to inspire entrepreneurs

10 Linker Stores to inspire entrepreneurs


Supriya Mathur

Supriya Mathur

17 Jun 2021, 12:27 — 10 min read

With GlobalLinker’s eCommerce builder - Linker.store, more than 20,000 business owners from different walks of life have created their customised online stores and, in doing so, expanded their customer base and sales.

Here is a list of 10 Linker.stores that are creatively and successfully selling online and these will surely inspire other entrepreneurs to quickly set up their own eCommerce stores.

Whatever your business, product or service, an online store can make it better and these 10 online stores prove just that!


1. Artchetype Studio

Artchetype Studio


When Shivali Vakil decided to launch Artchetype Studio in 2017, she wanted to create a niche business of desktop essentials and stationery that spark joy. With a demanding career as an architect, Shivali realised that the best way to start her business would be online as this could allow her flexibility of time with minimal financial investment. Shivali opted to use GlobalLinker’s DIY eCommerce platform Linker.store and her eCommerce store was ready, in a matter of days!

A fresh and evolving product range, a smart social media strategy, an easy to navigate store layout, robust payment gateway and logistics — these are some of the key factors that have contributed to Artchetype Studio’s phenomenal success. Shivali is a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur now. Her store sales have tripled in the last two years, and she has an annual turnover of more than a crore.


2. Shahitaj


Udaipur-based bespoke turban business Shahitaj is a great example of a century-old legacy business, reinvented with an online store. Owner Jinesh Kothari’s family has specialised in designing bespoke turbans for more than 150 years. The current generation of the family has been instrumental in taking the business online. Initially, they started selling on marketplaces but soon felt the need to have their own customised online store to further boost their brand and digital footprint. They selected Linker.store to create their customised eCommerce website.


A vast range of turbans with rich product descriptions, images and even tying services are showcased on the Shahitaj online store. Through their online store they have considerably expanded their reach, especially in east and south India. At present they generate online sales worth Rs 50,000 – 1,00,000 per month.


3. Riddhi Enterprise

 Riddhi Enterprise


“If the kirana store next to your house is going digital, why can’t you go digital?”, quips Nilesh Shah, owner of Riddhi Enterprise. His business specialises in the manufacturing and trading of a large array of construction and waterproofing materials. Nilesh started Riddhi Enterprise in 1997 with 2-3 products and the business now boasts of more than 300 products. Realising that the future belongs to digital selling, he created a customised online store with GlobalLinker’s eCommerce solution – Linker.store.


Nilesh shares, "I would definitely recommend GlobalLinker to one and all. The main aspect that GlobalLinker provides, and no other company provides, is a solution to your every need be it product photoshoot, social media marketing, designing a logo, payment portals, logistics etc. You name it, and they have it!"



4. Mahavir Home Store

Mahavir Home Store

Bharat Haria is Partner and Owner of the iconic Mahavir Home Store in Mumbai. It is a well-established chain of stores providing all manner of products required to make a house, a home. Realising that customers are increasingly shopping online, Bharat felt the need to explore the eCommerce retail opportunity.

With Linker.store, Mahavir Home Store was able to create a beautiful, functional website in a matter of days. The bulk upload feature ensured that all the products were seamlessly uploaded into various categories. Bharat shares, “Digitising our catalogue really helps. We serve a lot of corporate clients and other customers. Our website helps them, everything they want to buy is available under one roof. Moreover, during the pandemic we have seen a rise in our digital sales from all across India.”


5. Amritam Global


Amritam Global


Devli Sehgal, Shivani Kapoor and Laksh Bhatia started their business Amritam Global during the lockdown. With the pandemic, their family’s 25-year-old stud farm and travel business were severely impacted, as racecourses were shut and travelling came to an abrupt halt. They decided to change course and get into dairy. They decided to follow the traditional Indian model, wherein they only raise the native Indian cow breeds.

With Linker.store the Amritam Global online store was ready within a week, featuring varieties of pure desi ghee, buttermilk and other wellness products. In a short while they have gotten orders from India and even abroad. The Amritam Global online store in its latest avatar features a beautiful video of the farm and cows in their natural habitat. The product range has also expanded considerably.


6. Karnival


Riding the Korean pop culture wave, entrepreneurs Sneha Arora and Bhavish Choksi have created an eCommerce store, under the brand Karnival, that is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of fun Korean merchandise. They initially started selling their products on Instagram. Realising that an online store would boost their credibility, reach, deliveries and help in making data-driven decisions, they created an online store with Linker.store.

Within a few months their sales increased by a whopping 300% and they reached the farthest corners of India from tier-4 cities to the North-Eastern states. Sneha’s advice to entrepreneurs hits the nail on the head: Why restrict yourself to 1,000 customers in one city, when you can reach lakhs of customers across 1,000+ cities with just a few clicks! Make yourself known and let your website speak for your business.


7. Kriti Kala

Kriti Kala

Himani Gupta, founder of two NGOs— Kriti Social Initiatives and Kriti Sustainable Livelihoods— that work to empower women and children in the slums of Hyderabad. Himani also runs a retail brand Kriti Kala that sells beautiful garments, home linen products, and bags made by these women artisans. A couple of months prior to the lockdown, Himani created an online store for her retail brand with Linker.store.

With the ongoing pandemic, Himani realised the even greater need to build a strong digital presence. Since lockdown, Kriti Kala has sold over 20,000 masks and other products mostly through its online store. Himani is a social entrepreneur who is harnessing the power of eCommerce to widely sell products made by underprivileged women and thereby earn them a livelihood and a life of dignity.


8. Look and Adorn

Look and Adorn

Sumi Bhattacharjee is a talented jewellery designer with an eye for beautiful handlooms and accessories, and her online store Look and Adorn features beautiful apparel and handmade jewellery. The process of creating her online store with Linker.store was easy and hassle-free for Sumi and since it is a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, Sumi was able to create her online store independently. Whenever she required assistance, the GlobalLinker support team was always at hand. 

With her very own online store, Sumi has experienced the benefit of stronger brand recognition, greater online visibility and most importantly, a surge in customers. She shares, “I have experienced first-hand how selling online attracts customers across the globe - my business reach is no longer limited to a particular area or state.”


9. The Nutri Lab

The NutriLab


Recognising that snacks and desserts are the major culprits for unhealthy eating, Anvi Gandhi has created a range of foods that are packed with nutritional ingredients, that delight the palate, and keep the weight in check. A nutritionist by profession, Anvi has envisaged The Nutri Lab as the definitive destination for healthy cereals, snacks, granola bars, superfoods, biscuits, beverages and more.

From the word go, Anvi was very clear that she wanted to sell her products online. She opines, “Local business is too restricted. To reach the masses and the nation, selling online is a necessity, not a choice”. With Linker.store, creating an online store has been a hassle-free experience for Anvi. She states candidly, “Creating an online store is a smart business move when you’re looking for high return and low investment. With all the uncertainty we have witnessed lately, selling online has become even more critical."


10. MrilQ


Maushumi Thakurta Nag is no stranger to adversity. She is a cancer survivor, and that experience prompted her to move from her job as an IT professional to setting up a business in the beauty and wellness segment. MrilQ, as the business is called, makes 100% organic beauty products, sourced from Jharkhand, particularly designed to help with wellness and skincare. With her eye on future growth, Maushumi has recently created the MrilQ online store with Linker.store.

Maushumi envisages MrilQ as a global brand with franchises across the world. The MrilQ online store does justice to this vision with intuitive product categorisation, beautiful photography, detailed descriptions, beauty tips and an informative weekly blog. 


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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker.

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